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brand is everything.

I create rich brand experiences enabled by intelligent technologies like search, speech, computer vision, and machine learning.

I believe great brands and products can only come from intense, iterative collaboration across business, engineering, and design, rooted in an understanding of human needs.


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Just drive.

Your stuff. Your car. Safely.

At CloudCar, I am designing a new in-car experience, making automotive software safer and more personal, focusing on speech interactions, glanceablility, and search technology.

My role includes creative direction, brand & experience strategy, interaction & visual design.

Design Evan Malahy, Ron Morris

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Needs more Rango!

Xbox One:
Intensely personal, intelligently powerful, instant fun.

Created a voice-first, discovery oriented interaction model leveraging natural language processing, conversational understanding, and rich, metadata-driven search. Explored new systems that fundamentally changed from a taxonomic, menu driven system to one that was dynamic and personal.

My role was Interaction Lead for the initial two years of concept & interaction design for Xbox One with a small, focused team of interaction, visual, & motion designers.

Interaction design Evan Malahy, Ron Morris, Hauke Gentzkow. Visual Design Jason Gold (ACD), Rich Mains, Nino Yuniardi. Executive Creative Director Brian Kralyevich.

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Your friends are watching.

Modern media collection & disovery for Zune.

Creating a more fluid, personal, & discovery centered experience for Zune on Windows 7 and 8. Building a new media experience by weaving collection & discovery together, new search models, and cross-screen exploration.

Interaction lead for design of Zune tablet and desktop software, working closely with the creative director, visual designers, engineering, and research.

Interaction design Evan Malahy. Visual design Rich Mains, Nicole Stanton, Jeff Fleischmann. Creative Director Jeffrey Faulkner.

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decision engine.

launch of bing brand and product

Interaction designer for rebranding and launch of new bing search engine. Designed new ways to layer richer, task-oriented experiences on to core search result pages and across verticals.

Interaction design Evan Malahy. Visual design Rich Mains, Karen Mui.

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3D printing is fun.

Project using 3D models to print out polymer sculpture, which was then investment cast in sterling silver.

Second was made by laser cutting sheets of plastic and assembling final sculpture.

Pieces made using different digital sculpture and fabrication technologies, such as 3D printing, investment casting, & laser cam (cutting).